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Richmond Hill - Markham - Stouffville - Scarborough - Pickering - Ajax - Whitby - Oshawa - Courtice - Bowmanville - Port Hope - Cobourg - Peterborough

Medical Cannabis

Fights Insomnia

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Premium Recreational

Scarborough - Pickering - Ajax - Whitby - Oshawa - Courtice - Bowmanville - Port Hope - Cobourg - Peterborough

Toronto’s Favourite Medicinal & Recreational Cannabis Online Store

We aim to please our customers by providing elite customer service, guaranteeing premium products, deals & services - brought to you by a proficient, ready, eager and willing staff.


Cannabis is a flowering plant. Its flowers are the smokable part. The cured flowers can be consumed by smoking rolled into papers and blunts, or smoked in pipes or bongs. Using cannabis in this way, you can control the intake and effects simply by toking, holding, and repeating at will.


A cannabis edible, also known as a cannabis-infused food or simply an edible, is a food product (either homemade or produced commercially) that contains cannabis extract as an active ingredient.

Vape and Cannabis concentrates

Concentrates are various products processed in different ways to retain the desired cannabinoids and terpenes without the undesirable plant material and impurities. Clean of those “extras,” concentrates are more potent than cannabis flowers Available in Distillate, Shatter.

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Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

This was my first time ordering from Chronicus and honestly I have 3 things to say 1) good quality 2) best buds 3) fast delivery. The quality and extremely fast delivery was a game changer for me, I now will be ordering exclusively from Chronicus.

First time, lucky enough to meet a rep that very knowledgeable and helped me find exactly what I’m looking for. I’ll def be back.

To all of my fellow chronics out there who are tired of receiving a bag of disappointment, look no further......chronicus is the answer.
Chronicus provides an easy website to nagivate through to find your favourite things. If I just add, everything they say their products do, they definately do!   Their service is excellent!   They go far beyond any other delivery service (or anywhere else, dispensary etc).

Finally a player who doesn't drop the ball!!! Make sure you peruse the menú as therevare Many more delight than flower!!
Like shrooms!!!  I couldnt believe that

Love you guys. Best products, service, prices and best quality. I have already referred all my friends and they are happy too! Thanks for the free pre rolls with every order!

Quality weed with fast delivery and friendly disbatch!!! I only order from Chronicus as there is no company better!! If u want to mix and match dont hesitate to ask them!!! Also with the best prices and deals!!! Always something new on the menu and the edibles are incredible!!!

I've been very impressed with my service from Chronicus. The delivery time is lightning fast. I've tried a few walts quads and none of them have disappointed. I'm now about to order a delicious vape cartridge, the jack herer last time was delicious but this time I'll give GSC a shot. Definitely a nice place to get luxury products, you won't regret it guys!! :) Keep up the good work.

Delivery system is fast! With great flowers and concentrates. They deliver within 20 minutes, 90% of the time. Not only do they have a wide variety of meds, but they also care a lot about their customers. I'll definitely be telling my friends, and family about this! Best medical treatment deliver service ever!! Best product best service!

Most Reliable Delivery Service! I have been ordering from this place for about 6 months now and have to this day never been disappointed super nice bud and even nicer staff :)

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***420 Spaceman Special***

4oz for $420
• Platinum rockstar • Moroccan hash plant
• Pink floyd (sativa) • Wedding Cake (sativa)
• Bubba kush • Pink pink • Big smooth
• Rock tuna

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Vape yourself

1 Sativa Kit
1 Hybrid Cartridge
1 Indica Cartridge

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2 Oz'S for $150

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Ganza Man Special

• 2 oz for $175 strains: Tyson - Galactic Gas
• 2oz For $250 Strains: Platinum Rockstar - Moroccan Hash Plant - Mac Daddy - Rocket Fuel - Skywalker OG - Rock Tuna

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**Beaver Buffet**


• 3 Astronaut ice cream • 4 Northern extract gummies • 1 Skittle • 1 M&M
• 1 Reeses pieces • 2 Prerolls

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Cottage Trip***


• 2 Sedated bars
•  ½ oz of 4 different premium weed
• 4 pack of northern extract candies
• 4 Pre rolls

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Pass That Dutch

10 Pre Rolls for $80

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