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Many users find comfort in Pink Bubba

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In developing the strain, its breeders took two of the most globally successful descendants of OG Kush.

From Bubba Kush, it gained its dreamy euphoria and strong earthy overtones.

Meanwhile, Pink Kush influenced its potent THC levels of 25% while adding in the bud’s subtle floral undertones.

Despite all the mystery surrounding it, Pink Bubba’s reputation continues to be on the rise.

It is not only powerful, but also pharmacologically valuable – boasting up to 2% CBD.

It is best reserved for the evenings though. Its heavily relaxing head and body high might interfere with one’s plans for the day.

EFFECTS: Sleepy - Happy - Euphoric - Hungry - Relaxed

FLAVORS: Sweet, floral, earthy, woody, pine

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