Pink Death

Pink Death is a potent purebred indica with a large fanbase for good reason.

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70% indica - 30% sativa

THC 45%

Pink Death is a potent purebred indica with a large fanbase for good reason. It is the lovechild of celebrity parents Death Bubba and Pink Kush. Both of which are widely loved indica-dominant strains in their own right. With legendary genetics like these, Pink Death brings out the best of both worlds! Its effects are as deeply relaxing as they are blissfully euphoric! If you’re a fan of either of its parent strains, Pink Death is a must-try.

This strain’s buds are dense and covered in crystal-like trichomes that give it a wintery, frosted look. Combined with its beautiful green hues, This dank strain could win weed beauty pageants! It smells like perfectly prime fresh pine with earthy musk. Its flavour has a similar theme, with a pungent taste that is both sweet and earthy.

  • As you succumb to the blissful euphoria, you will watch your worries fall away as lift into the clouds. Get ready to feel as though you don’t have a care in the world with this newfound sense of positivity and ease! As the effects sink in, your eyelids will feel heavier before you drift off to the land of slumber.
  • Pink Death is best suited for nighttime use or for a day when you are looking to laze around with these effects. You’ll find yourself getting intimate with your couch after puffing on this strain!
  • As a purebred indica, This strain is an ideal strain for treating insomnia. Due to its sedative, uplifting effects, it’s ideal for depression and stress. With its relaxing abilities, Pink Death is fantastic for ridding aches and pains. Also, it’s a passionate supporter of the munchies. It’s great for appetite stimulation.

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